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PET Rapid Image Reconstruction Challenge

Overall description

We are organising the PET Rapid Image Reconstruction Challenge (PETRIC) which will run over the summer 2024. Its primary aim is to stimulate research into the development of fast PET image reconstruction algorithms applicable to real world data. Motivated by the success of the clinical translation of regularised image reconstruction in PET and other modalities, the challenge will focus on a smoothed version of the relative difference prior.

The participants will have access to a sizeable set of phantom data acquired on a range of clinical scanners. The main task for the participants of the challenge will be to reach a solution which is close to a converged image (e.g. in terms of mean ROI SUV) as quickly as possible (as measured in terms of computation time). This task will therefore require a balance between algorithm design and implementation optimisation. An example solution which reaches the target image quality but takes a long time will be provided at the beginning of the challenge. The PET raw data will be pre-processed to enable researchers to take part even if they have little experience in handling real world data. Open-source software SIRF, STIR and CIL will be provided to develop and test the algorithms. Implementations must use STIR (via SIRF) projectors (together with provided multiplicative and additive projection data) such that reconstructed image quality and timing performance only depends on the reconstruction algorithm.

Tentative Timeline

  • Start: PETRIC is expected to start first half of June 2024. Example codes and datasets will be available from this point.
  • Finish: PETRIC closes on 30 September 2024 23:59 (GMT).
  • Announcement of final ranking: 15 October 2024.
  • Workshop at IEEE MIC: 2 November 2024.


Scientific committee: Charalampos Tsoumpas (RU Groningen), Christoph Kolbitsch (PTB), Matthias Ehrhardt (U Bath), Kris Thielemans (UCL)

Technical support: Edoardo Pasca and Casper da Costa-Luis (CoSeC, UKRI STFC)

Advisory Board: Steering Panel of CCP SyneRBI

June 10, 2024

12:00 am


11:59 pm