Collaborative Computational Project in Synergistic Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical imaging increasingly involves multiple modalities and/or imaging time points. Advances in instrumentation opens up exciting potential for synergistic imaging. This EPSRC-funded collaborative computational project (CCP) aims to bring together the best of the UK’s and international image reconstruction expertise to make this potential a reality. CCP SyneRBI (Synergistic Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging) is the successor of CCP PETMR, extending the scope to other multi-modal biomedical imaging systems, concentrating on SPECT, PET and MR reconstruction, but including PET/CT and SPECT/CT systems.

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STIR version 6.0.0 released

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Bi-weekly developers’ t-con

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PET Rapid Image Reconstruction Challenge

Event date - June 10, 2024

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