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XNAT Workshop London 2022

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The XNAT Team, in partnership with the Health and Bioscience IDEAS training program at University College London, with support from the Institute for Cancer Research UK, NCITA, SyneRBI, and Flywheel, are excited to announce a return to in-person workshops! The next XNAT workshop will be hosted in London from October 31st to November the 4th 2022!

QUIERO Workshop – Cardiac MRF Simulation & Evaluation

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We are pleased to announce that CCP SyneRBI and CCPi are supporting the QUIERO Workshop on Cardiac MRF Simulation & Evaluation. The workshop will provide participants with hands-on experience on simulation of MRF data acquisition and evaluation of T1 and T2 maps in clinical practice and using advanced machine learning approaches.

Training School on PET/MR reconstruction at PSMR2022

The school will cover basic principles of the physics behind the acquisition process and image reconstruction methods used for PET and SPECT, with specific information on the challenges for TotalBody PET. We will also briefly cover MR aspects. The school will include practical sessions with the Open Source software Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework (SIRF).

Hackathon Maths meets Image

SyneRBI and CCPi support a hackathon on "Maths meet image" in Berlin, co-organised by Christoph Kolbitsch (PTB). Details are at

New publication on MR-based motion correction using SIRF

Eric's publication on evaluating MR-based motion correction using a novel phantom and robot is now out. This collaboration between various institutions including Magdeburg, Leipzig and UCL was the result of exchanges sponsored by CCP PET/MR.


Palak has won joint 3rd place in this year's CoSeC Impact award

Palak has won joint 3rd place in this year's CoSeC Impact award with a case study on her work on TOF-PET and KEM for PET/MR. CoSeC (Computational Science Centre for Research Communities) is the organisation that supports CCP SyneRBI, CCPi (and other CCPs/HECs), and therefore SIRF and associated projects including STIR.

You can find the case studies on the CoSeC website at SCD CoSeC Impact Award 2021: Case Studies (

Hackathon on algorithms benchmark for medical imaging reconstruction

PET++, CCP SyneRBI and CCPi jointly organize two hackathons on algorithms benchmark for medical imaging reconstruction. The first one will take place on November 2021 and the second one in January 2022. The goal of the hackathons is to establish a benchmark between the numerous iterative algorithms for CT and PET reconstructions which have been proposed in the recent years, with a focus on randomized algorithms.

More info at

Release of SIRF 3.1.0

We are delighted to announce the release of our Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework (SIRF) and associated projects Version 3.1. This release adds a few new features and quite a lot of new notebooks in SIRF-Exercises. It is currently in heavy use in our Training School on Synergistic Image Reconstruction, jointly organised with CCPi.

The main changes of the 3.1 release are:

SIRF v3.1.0:



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